Making of face covers: recipes

MaskThe easiest way to prepare a cover for a face - crushed good berries or watermelon, and immediately put on a face. If crushed raw vegetables or fruits are juicy enough, may be added to the slurry, milk. If a slurry, on the contrary, too thin, it is added floury. It is also convenient to put whole pieces of orange, tomato, cucumber and lemon. If a consistency of the cover is the juice, so it is used however follows: a bit of gauze with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth soaked in nectar, a some squeeze and put on the face and neck skin. Instead of gauze can be applied a thin layer of cotton wool. You can just grease the face of berries and fruit juice, leaving it on a face for 15-20 min. And you can combine the fresh juice with oatmeal, almond bran, buckwheat floury.In a winter it is recommended to add a face mask olive butter or glycerin. A mask of slurry is applied to a facial skin with a thick layer (the increased suction capacity of the face). These skin care covers contain a lot of vitamins and are used primarily to improve the nutrition of the skin.So, if your face is irritated, calm her cool mask with cucumber, if a "tired" for the work week however you are and get flabby - cheer up burning a cover with a products of bees (propolis). If a cold on your face began to appear long-standing colored spots, do a weekly paraffin wax - it will strengthen the superficial circulation and deep defects gradually "dissolve". A duration of this process -15-20 min. But if a skin is dilated blood vessels, paraffin may not be used.Homemade masks and face care masks (covers homemade). Masks for varied face typesCovers with sour serum for the faceFace covers with olive oilRefreshing face coverExfoliating masks and face careWhitening face care masks at homeCovers for all skin types. Home recipes for face masksMasks for oily skin. Recipes household masksMasks for dry skin. Home recipes for face coversMasks for rule face. Recipes household coversGuide to the masks. Kinds and types of facial skin coversFace covers out of clay. Healing Clay SkinWinter Masks for fase - masks and skin care winterCosmetic skin cover mechanical actionFace masks of honey: natural honey coverCovers for oily facial skin: homemade recipesAnti-aging creams and covers for faceMasks and face care masks for acne and blackheadsCover alignment complexionCovers for face wrinklesCleansing masks for fase coverCover for aging faceMasks and facial scrubs oatmealLike posts:Mask Masks for fase and aging bodyCover Facials and masks at homeMask Masks and face care those complete 50.

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