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  • Dining skin care at home

    CoverYet with the cosmetic products of gravity production to supply a skin of a face, you can apply a variety of foods, which are almost always at hand. Frequently in our kitchen and in a refrigerator there yoghurt, egg, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, natural honey, cereals, olive butter and as on. These items can make a face good-groomed and magnetically. Preferring seasonal raw vegetables, fruits and fruits, not alone for fresh food, but for outdoor use, you will give the facial skin a opportunity to get out of them all the necessary vitamin, minerals and other nutrients.And if you enjoy the desire, time, and opportunity, It is possible to experiment and do your own homemade fluid. For him, you will need: dry chamomile flowers 1 tbsp. L., 1 tsp. Honey, 1 teaspoonful glycerine, 1 soup spoon the butter, 1 spoon olive butter, egg 1 pc., camphor butter 1 tsp (For very dry face type) or camphor alcohol 1 TWO tbsp (For any and combination skin type).Initially, heat in a h2o bath of chamomile flowers, divorced and a 0.5 cups of stewing aqua, soak 15 minutes, so Strain and pour into a separate container 4 spoon of broth. In it, throw in the natural honey and glycerin, stir nicely until completely dissolved.Also, in a water bath, heating the the butter and olive butter, remove with heating, without stewing, add a chicken egg and camphor (alcohol or butter).A two resulting mixture, combine in a single container, and beat with a mixer until shine consistency, allow to cool and reload in a prepared jar. The individual fluid is ready. Just store it in a cool place is recommended and not much long.Alike articles:Cover Facial and eyeCover Face care without creamMask Facials and masks and eye.

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